Winter Weather


Lake Point RV understands the severity of the Texas weather including during the winter months. We have taken an effort to install self-draining water spigots at each site so that when they are closed, they will self-drain well below the surface. In addition, we have recently added pipe insulation and a hose bib boot cover. We have these already added to the existing full-time guest sites and as new full-time guests arrive, we will add them.

Due to the recent hard freeze, we have added the following requirements for guest preparations and what is allowable at your site.

Winter Weather preparedness:

The following is a required step to be taken when a freeze warning has been announced by the local weather authority as well as posted by signs at the Lake Point RV Resort.

When temperatures are to fall below freezing for multiple days and the Lake Point office has posted the “Freeze Warning” sign out, the water supply provided at each site by Lake Point RV is to be turned off at the hose bib and not used unless refilling your freshwater tank and the outside temperature is above freezing for the day.

Lake Point RV Resort nor its affiliates are liable nor responsible physically or financially for weather-related damage to personal property.