All reservations must be paid in full at booking. Reservations must be cancelled 30 days prior to the arrival. date. No refunds for last minute cancellations and no-shows. Reservations cannot be transferred to different dates. If we do not have an Extended-stay site at the time of reservation, we will offer a “weekly to monthly” site (see note below).

Extended-stay reservations require a $75 deposit at site assignment. This deposit is fully refundable at check out if you provide at least 15 days notice and leave your site clean and on time. It will be first applied to your last month’s electric bill. Extended-stay campers, please pay on the due date. Late fee of $15 a day applies. Extended-stay campers may pay by credit card for a .03% card processing fee. All extended-stay campers must make a reservation in-person or over the phone. You can’t reserve an extended-stay site online. 

Full payment is required at the time of reservation. Reservations must be cancelled 30 days prior to the arrival date. No refunds for cancellations and no-shows. Reservations cannot be transferred to different dates.

Site fees are structured for two adults per site. A $50.00 fee will be applied to your monthly invoice per additional adult for long term guests. Site fees are subject to change without notice.

Your safety and security are our top priority. All prospective guests who plan to stay longer than 30 days will be subject to a criminal background check. The results of the background check are considered on a case-by-case basis. Your background check results will be kept confidential and will be performed by a third party company.

Weekly and Nightly reservations may be canceled 5 days prior to the arrival date for a full refund. Any cancellation after this period will be charged a cancellation fee of up to $50.00.

Reservations canceled less than 24 hours will forfeit any refund. Extended Stay Guests should refer to their Site Agreement for refund details. We do NOT refund any portion of your payment if you decide to leave early for any reason.

All RV’s must be fully operational. Those that are older than ten years must be approved by management prior to arrival. RV appearance must be well kept clean and neat.


Window coverings must not be cardboard, wood, tin foil or uncommon window coverings. Coverings and awnings must be in good condition with no rips or tears. During the winter months Lakepoint RV Resort requires campers staying more than 1 week to have a heated water hose. All RV’s entering the Park must have empty holding tanks.

RV sites must be kept clean and tidy. Patio furniture, bbq grills and portable satellite dishes are allowed. Everything kept on the site must be able to be moved by landscaping crews. No rugs on the grass. There could be up to a $150 charge for any items abandoned on site. A $50 clean up fee will be applied to monthly invoices when dog waste is not cleaned up regularly. Do not drive or push anything into the ground without management approval.


Absolutely no clothesline/ hanging laundry, outside appliances including window AC units, hot tubs or pools.

Trash is included in your fees. Place all bagged trash in one of the four dumpsters on the property. No furniture, mattresses, appliances or large items.

Wifi is complementary to all guests in the community center. High speed internet is hardwired to each site. A guest is able to purchase a router from the office to create their own wifi network.

All spaces are full-hook ups, 20, 30 and 50 amp service. There will be no use of electric adapters.


No outside watering except for potted plants. No vehicle or RV washing.

An airtight sewer connection is required at all times. Leaks in a sewage system must be repaired or replaced immediately. If not, the park will assume this responsibility at a cost to the guest. There will be a minimum charge of $50 for raw sewage cleanup. Lakepoint RV Park is on a septic system. No plastic items, condoms, tampon dispensers, straws.

Sites have room for 2 vehicles.


No parking on grass or in the empty sites. No cargo trailers of any kind allowed in sites.


Overflow parking may be available upon request.

Lake Point RV understands the severity of the Texas weather including during the winter months. We have taken the effort to install self-draining water spigots at each site so that when they are closed, they will self-drain well below the surface. In addition, we have recently added pipe insulation and a hose bib boot cover. We have these already added to the existing full-time guest sites and as new full-time guests arrive, we will add them.


Winter Weather preparedness:

The following is a required step to be taken when a freeze warning has been announced by the local weather authority as well posted by signs at the Lake Point RV Resort.


When temperatures are to fall below freezing for multiple days and the Lake Point office has posted the “Freeze Warning” sign out, the water supply provided at each site by Lake Point RV is to be turned off at the hose bib and not used unless refilling your freshwater tank and the outside temperature is above freezing for the day.


Lake Point RV Resort nor its affiliates are liable nor responsible physically or financially for weather-related damage to personal property.

Children must be monitored and accompanied by an adult when playing outside. Please go over campground etiquette with them if they are new to staying at an RV resort.

No open fires are permitted on premises. There are 2 fire rings on the property that are allowed for public use when there is not a burn ban in effect. 

We ask that guests make sure their area is clear of all debris, outdoor furniture and pet waste so crews can maintain the lawn.

Quiet hours are 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. There will only be one warning for the violation of quiet hours.

Friendly pets are welcome! Please pick up after your pets and keep them on a leash when walking throughout the park. Pets cannot be left outside when you are not on site. Nuisance barking will not be permitted. We enforce zero tolerance of aggressive pets.

Check out is at 12:00 Noon.

Laundry facilities are open 24/7, please be respectful of others when washing and don’t leave laundry unattended.

We have a zero tolerance policy involving police. If police respond to the resort for anything other than a medical emergency, you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund at the discretion of Lakepoint RV Resort owners and managers.

Lakepoint RV Resort reserves the right to refuse service at any time and to have a guest vacated from the park property in the event of inappropriate behavior or infraction of this agreement without refund. The Owner & Management reserve the right to amend, to revise, & add to the rules & guidelines at any time.


Under Texas law, you are not a tenant with a lease or contract. Anyone who fails to comply with these rules will be asked to leave with no refund. (Texas Penal Code 30.05)


According to (b) Any guest who leaves without paying for site services or refuses to pay for site services when due is subject to criminal prosecution.


Lakepoint RV Resort is providing service hook-ups for tenant’s RV. Full payment is required in advance & any violations will be prosecuted under the “THEFT OF SERVICES LAW”. (TEXAS PENAL CODE 31:04)

Customers shall indemnify and hold Lakepoint RV Resort harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, costs, expenses, water, wind, civil strife, or acts of God, actions or indications of other customers, guests, invitees or licensee of customer or any other customer actions or inactions (or those of their employees, agents or invitees), or any other causes related to customer’s use or occupation of the RV site. The management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries or loss from any cause.